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Our Story: Kadiatu A Mother’s Love Foundation

More Than Just A Mission

A Message From Our Founder Mariatu Sesay

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​​Since its establishment in 2019, Kadiatu A Mother’s Love is a child's dedication to her mother Kadiatu Bangura who pass away January 15, 2015. As a way to honor the sacrifices she made to ensure her child can have a better opportunity in life then herself and her strong involvement within her community. A mother's love has been dedicated to addressing humanitarian needs for educational empowerment for disadvantaged children, orphans, widows, and disabled regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. A Mother’s Love focus is to meet the needs of neglected and underserved communities in Sierra Leone west Africa so that future generations may have the tools they need to create meaningful change in their own lives.


Our Organization Framework

As a mission-driven, grassroots organization, A Mother’s Love takes a unique approach by using the multiplying power of community partnerships to enhance its program outcomes. We accomplish this by:

  • Supplying children with daily essentials including, clothing, food, shoes, school supplies, and other basics through in-kind donations and purchases.

  • Providing the means for impoverished children and young adults to obtain an education and other learning opportunities for enrichment and self-empowerment.

  • Collaborating with government agencies, faith-based entities, and other like-minded organizations to access crucial resources, knowledge, and experience to multiply our impact and reach more children in need.

  • Raising awareness of global illiteracy while providing education and advocacy resources for Africa’s children and engaging in community and economic development initiatives here in the United States.

  • Enabling students through educational and equitable opportunities, including scholarships, and preparing students for future success and upward mobility.

  • Intervening in crises that may impact students, their families, and the broader community.

Our Passion

To ensure quality education we focus our work on schools and orphans in communities in need. We work to empower the orphan child to recover, build resiliency, and thrive in the face of unfortunate scrum stances. Through our roses of thrones program we provide the children access to basic necessities and quality education.

Our Values

At Kadiatu A Mothers Love Foundation, our team functions on the core values of accountability, teamwork, compassion, empowerment, integrity, and trustworthiness. 

Our Core Belief

We believe it takes a village to raise a child and that change is sustainable if the whole community is empowered to change. As such, we have developed support programs to improve the capacity of caregivers and communities where our school children and orphans reside.


Our Board Of Directors


Mariatu Sesay, graduate Business Administration, Customer service professional over 18yr. Mariatu is a sociable person with a big heart and passion to help others. Mariatu loves family and friends, makeup and home interior design. She is a giver and a humanitarian. Mariatu grow up in extreme poverty in Freetown Sierra Leone west Africa. Due to her mother's Kadiatu enduring hardship Mariatu was sent to the USA at 9yr to live with her father in hopes for a better opportunity that she could not give her only child. coming to the USA Mariatu was able see firsthand how impactful a quality education can change a life and desire to see the same for every child. Through KAML, I am determined to level the playing field and see that all children have access to quality education and economic opportunity to realize their full potential, just as I was able to do. KAML has become a mission to empower disadvantaged communities like the ones I grew up in. It is a privilege to follow in my late mother’s Kadiatu footsteps on a mission to help equip woman and children for a bright future—may our work honor and please the Almighty. 

​​Mariatu Sesay - Founder & CEO

Alicia Pryor graduated from Baker college in 2006 with a bachelor’s of Human Service. Alicia Pryor has worked with children and families for over 17yrs and is currently working for the State of Michigan. Alicia is a mother of two young girls. She is teaching her daughters to be entrepreneurs. She is empowering her children to be self-sustainable and build generational wealth for themselves. Her first role was in 2019 as adviser to the founder to support KAML shoes and backpack program.


Alicia A. Pryor - Board of Directors Secretary


Marilyn Lewis-Alim Ed.D, is education specialist for WILL Technology Inc. She is an active member of Huntsville's American Muslim community and Huntsville Islamic Center. Dr Marilyn Lewis-Alim is a true professional with 47 years of experience in teaching and Federal Government contracting. Marilyn owns her own International consulting firm: MILA Inc. When she is not training, she tends to her beautiful garden, roses and azaleas, and spends time with her 20 grandchildren who are the most important people in the world to her.

Marilyn Lewis Alim - Director of Operations and Grants

Charmaine Hill, After graduating from Baker College in 2006, Charmaine wanted to start a business that helped the people around her. Her 18 years of experience in Business Administration and HR Operations has given her vast vantage point in being an effective leader and coordinator. Charmaine is the founder and CEO of Elevate Non Medical Transportation Service, LLC, Her position within KAML began on the Shoes and Backpack crowdfunding in 2019, Charmaine first role was as adviser to the founder of KAML. Charmaine hoping to help the children we serve to have the same opportunity and success that she desires for her own son to have a brighter future. In her free time she enjoys event planning projects, and spends time with her son.


Charmaine A. Hill - Coordinator


Mecca W. Hall Jackson - Board of Director

Mecca Hall Jackson graduated with her undergraduate degree in Social Worker from Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC. She obtained her Masters of Social Work from Alabama A & M University. Mrs. Jackson is licensed in the State of Alabama as a Master Level Social Worker. She is the proud mother of one young son and the wife of Jabril Bey. Mecca Jackson has been employed with the State of Alabama working in Child Welfare for over 12 years. Prior to that she worked in the field of Social Work with those with disabilities as well as a family Advocate for those whose children have been abused. She actively volunteers within the Huntsville Islamic Center serving on the hardship committee and working with new Muslims. Mrs. Jackson works with the Islamic Speakers Bureau-Islamic Networks Group (ING) as an educator and presenter. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her son as he learns new and exciting things.

Ishmael Alfred Charles is a survivor of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war. Kidnapped during the war by the rebels between 12-14-years old, Charles witnessed terrible horrors but this did not defeat him and from this experience he “always wanted to be someone who will help his community rather than destroy it”. Activities, he passionately advocated for young people’s constructive engagement. Currently He is Healey International Relief Foundation’s In-Country Program Manager in Sierra Leone working with Caritas-Freetown where he doubles as the Programs Manager. He manages and monitors all . He studied Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Sierra Leone and earned a certificate in International Humanitarian Affairs from Fordham University.


Ishmeal Alfred Charles - International Board of Director


Abubakarr M Karoma is KAML Religious affairs International Liaison that works with local communities in Sierra Leone to facilitate the work of the organization and other entities in the country. Abubakarr M Karoma began working with KAML as a volunteer on our 2020 school supplies distribution. Karoma will bridge the gap between the KAML team, government officials and village leaders to advocate rights of our benefactors, resolve community conflicts, improve communication and ensure that relationships are beneficial to the organization.

Abubakarr M. Karoma - International Liaison volunteer

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