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Get Involved: Support Our Efforts

One of the most important things we can do to help fight poverty and improve access to education is to spread awareness and knowledge. Education is one of the most effective weapons against poverty, but too many people around the world still lack access to quality education. We can use our voices to help raise awareness and educate others about the importance of education and how it can help break the cycle of poverty.

Ways to Support

Sponsor A Child

Ensuing That A Child Is Focused On Their Education

Your sponsorship provides every child that we are blessed to help. $25 covers needed school supplies every child deserves to feel someone cares

Sponsor A Project

Help Us Empower Children To Reach Their Full Potential And Change Lives.

Your sponsorship of a project we're involved in allows us to create a direct, meaningful impact on the lives and communities we serve local and in Sierra Leone. From giving a desk to school, providing a food basket to a family we are never alone with your support.

General Donation

Every Ounce Of Generosity Matters!

Through your donation we‘re a huge step close to helping more communities empower a servant leader, and depending on the amazing impact of every project we support. Make a donation, change a life. Make a donation to Kadiatu A mothers love foundation or on our fundraising page of Facebook. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Mariatu Sesay at end a check,


We Are In This Together!

Get your friends, families and  colleagues involved with employer matching program.

Be Social

Follow Our Organization On Social Media

Spread the word on social media by following @kadaiatuamotherslove on Instagram, Facebook and using the hashtag #KAML232.

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General Zakat/ Sadaqa

Have You Ever Thought About Taking A Mission Trip To Help Others In Person?

Join us in Africa! Come see the work we are doing and immerse yourself in rich history and beautiful culture. It’s a life changing journey and we're thrilled to help you take your first step.

Volunteer Or Be A Member Of Our Board

Serve as an ambassador for our mission ending poverty through education making a change in the community needing your skills and knowledge.


Support Kadiatu A mothers love foundation efforts while you shop on Amazon. Also purchasing items from our wish list for items for the children.

Know Their Stories

We are committed to easing the financial burden of disadvantaged families by providing free resources to improve their quality of life. Our program offers essential supplies at no cost to students and their families to give them access to equitable opportunities and empower them to reach their full potential. 

Donation and Volunteering FAQs


What are the service dates for volunteers? 

Volunteers are needed

Using your Amazon account 

amazon smile kadiatuamotherslove 

How do donations support disadvantaged children and families?

You can help disadvantaged children achieve their full potential and lift families out of poverty. Your donation counts! Make a lasting impact in the life of a child or family. Your donation will give hope and improve the lives of children, women, and the elderly community.

Your donation will go towards:

  • benefiting a child’s educational future

  • improving food security

  • paying school fees

  • purchasing uniforms, school supplies

  • covering medical emergencies

Designed microentrepreneurs solutions to aid Sierra Leone families and boost the local economy.

Are there alternative ways to donate? 

Yes. Donors may also give by check. 

Send your contribution to:

Kadiatu A Mothers Love 

2501 Mastin Lake Rd NW #17075, Huntsville AL 35810

Alternative online donation options can be accessed HERE

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes! Kadiatu A Mothers Love is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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